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We’re a Bit Different From Other Marketing Service Providers

We’re here to make you and your firm successful, and whether that’s carefully designing and crafting a new website, or a product launch, or an aggressive new lead generation campaign, you are the most important part of your business’ marketing campaign; the things you say to people, how you say them, and when you say them are vitally important as well.

And here’s the other piece of the puzzle: when we help business owners and professionals like you to dramatically ramp up your sales revenue, our experience is that it causes many new stresses that you may not have encountered before, financial issues from buying larger amounts of inventory, training new employees, customer service and support, and so on.  If these aren’t carefully managed, a sharp increase in revenue can easily become fatal to your business.

Thankfully, you’re talking to the right people here at TuBer Marketing.  As part of our marketing services, we’ll stick around after the project is completed to tweak the project to achieve the desired outcomes. We work with you and your team about the perceptions you create with your patients/clients/customers.

We provide coaching as a key element of your project for an extended period of time into the future, even well after the original project was completed. It’s all part of our commitment to making your business successful. And making the ROI on your investment very profitable indeed.

Whether you need a large e-commerce project completed, a new sales funnel or lead generation system created, or more generic marketing services, you’re in great hands at TuBer Strategies.  We’ll create a great outcome for your project and then guide you and your business going forward.

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Let's Double Your Sales Revenue in the Next 5 Years!

Here's How We're Doing It.

TuBer Marketing is using a proven marketing strategy developed and refined over the years by Digital Marketing Inc. of Austin, TX to help 10,000 businesses double their revenue in the next 5 years.

But we’re taking things a step further to empower your success.

We’re combining that marketing strategy, with financial management skills and executive coaching and leadership development to deliver a complete, holistic package of management skills to power your business to a world class leadership position.

Each month you’ll meet together as a small group of 6-10 non-competitive senior executives (for 6-9 months) for a 3 to 4 hour training session on sales & marketing, finances, customer service, leadership training and other relevant skills, all taught by experts with decades of real world experience.  You’ll leave each meeting with an action plan to implement at your business before the next group meeting.

Between each meeting you’ll have access to work one on one with each of our experts to answer questions, brainstorm, or access needed resources.

The outcome: you’ll have the processes in place at your business to dramatically increase your sales revenue year over year, and the leadership training and financial management skills to park it all in the bank!

The next group series begins in September in Grand Rapids, and seats are VERY limited. Do not hesitate. Call us now for additional information.

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Here’s a few examples of how we help different types of businesses grow and succeed…even in competitive situations: