Custom Lead Generation Campaigns
& Sales Funnels

We Design & Create Custom Lead Generation Campaigns

A steady supply of high quality leads is vital for the success of your business.  It’s also a critical component to the formula that we use to help businesses double their revenue in 5 years.

TuBer Strategies LLC designs online sales funnels that attract & convert visitors into customers and clients.  We create the landing pages, lead magnets, and tripwire offers using industry best practices for maximum success. And when we’re finished, we drive targeted traffic to your offer.

Example Custom Lead Generation Campaigns We Create

A Dentist using Facebook advertising to revive and nurture former patients no longer visiting her office;

A criminal defense attorney using online banner ads and retargeting within a tight geographic area to generate a consistent source of phone calls from new prospects;

Mortgage broker using online email marketing campaign to remain in front of local realtors;

Examples of Sales Funnels

Selling gift boxes for college students;

Selling cast iron muffin pans;

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Is your business or practice suffering from a lack of consistent high quality sales leads?

These campaigns are perfect for mortgage bankers, realtors, dentists, attorneys…and they never stop working. Once they’re created, they operate on autopilot, sending you new business every day.

What’s the difference between a lead generation campaign, and a sales funnel?

Well, in practical terms they’re pretty closely related.  In our mind, its directly related to the desired outcome of a specific marketing campaign.  For example, selling high ticket items may require human interaction in order to complete the last step of the sales process.  In that event, we’d create a lead generation campaign that brings the prospect right to the point of placing the order.

Sales funnels however, are created from beginning to end, to attract interested customers and actually complete the payment transaction without any (or very minimal) human interaction.