Some years ago, forgetting the naysayers, one of our consultants went to Africa to conduct strategic planning with a group of leaders, many of whom were barely literate. He began the sessions by telling his intimidated audience, “You know a lot, you have a lot of potential, and you can accomplish greater things than I can.”

They all laughed with respect yet in disapproval. Then, the consultant asked them whether any of them owned a house, even a one-room tach-roof. They all did. To the questions whether they owned a mode of transportation, had ever received care when ill, had sent their children to school, fed their family through the years, and more, they all responded in the affirmative.

Then, the consultant said, “If I had been given the same resources as you have had and had been asked to accomplish as much as you have accomplished, I would have failed.” The room became dead silent. The consultant continued, “You know a lot. You have a lot of potential. And you can accomplish greater things than I can. I will show you how.” The consultant coached those leaders. In three days, THEY produced a superb strategic plan. And in eight months, they completed a project on which a North American professional had spent eight years and tens of thousands of dollars and yet with dismal results.

That’s how we coach and consult at TuBer Strategies! We come alongside people like you to help them reach greater potential and gain effectiveness. If you think you have already reached your potential … hmm … think again!