Stop. Don’t launch ANY promotional campaigns, until you verify your contact info in our list of 200 Internet sites .
You’d amazed at the projects I’ve started where basic contact information is obsolete.
I know Attorneys who’ve lost clients because they drove to an old office location. I get checks in the mail at my office each month for previous occupants. And I’ve been here over a year.
Take the time to populate the Internet with correct contact info. Do it BEFORE you begin any promotional campaigns, especially if you are a new business.  
Do a google search if you are an existing business. See what faulty contact information comes back for your business.  Correct the errors as soon as possible on these sites.
If you need a list of 200 websites to verify your contact info, click here for the free list.  If you need any help or ideas to effectively promote your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Free download: 200 websites that store your business contact information