TuBer Marketing LLC: An international firm of consultants, marketing, ecommerce, finance and executive-coaching experts with a single focus: dramatically growing your sales revenue in the next 5 years.

TuBer Marketing LLC, a unique combination of the last names of the original principal founders, “TuBer” is pronounced ‘two bear’ with a French flair acknowledging our international heritage.

TuBer Marketing is thankful for the effort of many skilled people located around the world.

From NASA’s Space Shuttle Program…

January 16th, 2003 dawned clear and crisp – others would describe it as downright cold – along the central Florida Atlantic coast line as the space shuttle Columbia thundered off of launch pad 39a toward the sky. A short time later, engineers reviewing high definition video of the launch spotted a basketball size piece of hard foam weighing an estimated 5 pounds tear loose from a fuel tank assembly about 80 seconds after lift-off.

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…to Small Businesses Just Down The Street.

Some years ago, forgetting the naysayers, one of our consultants went to Africa to conduct strategic planning with a group of leaders, many of whom were barely literate. He began the sessions by telling his intimidated audience, “You know a lot, you have a lot of potential, and you can accomplish greater things than I can.”

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Our Founder

Tom Tubergen
Tom Tubergen
Tom has led a long distinguished career in the high tech industry (software) with his skills in software engineering and in marketing. He did undergraduate work at the University of Michigan. He did post graduate work in software engineering at Grand Valley State University where he also received an MBA in marketing. Tom’s career is currently focused on using his management and engineering skills to help ‘up-and-comers’ solve problems and achieve their goals.

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